DIY Timber Framed Pergola

Create your ideal outdoor space with a Dreamy Garden Pergola

I wanted a Pergola, you know one of those lovely thick timber cross frames that extends from peoples houses and provides a lovely slightly shaded sitting area, without the direct sunlight. Many I have seen are draped with climbing plants and Flowers, and just look so pretty and such a calm space. But you may be put off or think its too difficult or big a job, way too expensive?
Think Again, we just built our very own pergola. I am so pleased at just how wonderful it turned out. I was very surprised at how easy it really was to make , I wanted to share with you so you can be inspired into adding some outside living space to your house too.

I also am growing plants to climb around the pergola, and give even more shade. These pergolas are an awesome addition to any house, and very easy to make. OK we made our own, my hubby has a bit of DIY knowledge but hey you can even buy Pregola Kits All Ready made.

Or you can read on and find out how we transformed the boring dead space at the side of our house, which was exposed and not a very private space into a fabulous outdoor area.

Our Finished Pergola Timber Pergola Kits and Ideas Build your Own Pergola See how We did it Building Our Pregola in Pictures How to Build a Pergola Decorate your area with Beautiful Metal… More
Our Finished Pergola
even the dog loves it

Now all we need is some good Aussie Sun

Timber Pergola Kits and Ideas
….taking the hard work out of your DIY

When I was looking for ideas for what kind of pergola I wanted I was really nicely surprised by the amount of pre made, ready to put up kits there were. I knew I wanted something that would provide shade and where we could sit out and dine al fresco. I am an avid clematis fan, so I wanted trellis added so I could grow climbing plants up and over it.

We were really surprised by the ideas we could get online and many of the different styles of pergolas you could have.

You need to decide is it free standing, is it adjoining onto your side of the building. Once you have made these decisions then really the making of it was not that difficult at all. Once we had our plans. So make sure you draw out exactly what you want.

Build your Own Pergola See how We did it

What you need

My Back door needed something just to pizazz it, the pathway to the front of the house cuts right through this bit, and I felt it was a prefect project for the side of the house where really we could turn this wasted piece of ground, into a gorgeous sitting and eating area perfect for those hot lazy summer days or somewhere nice to relax on warm nights.

our neighbours Garage wall is right on our boundary so we wanted to add some privacy to this area, but did not want to go through the hassel of an extension or more structural change.

SO we chose a Pergola with trellis. Which I know by the time it is decorated, and the climbing plants take a hold it will provide that little bit of privacy yet, not fell enclosed in.

Top Tip : Paint your Wood before you do anything this save so much time later on.

You will need some basic woodworking skills for this project.

Timber Requirements
4 by 4inch posts 10ft tall
8 lengths of 6 by 2 timber
28 lengths of 2 by 1inch timber (this is for the trellis part)

We Dug 3 x holes 2 feet deep at 1.8meters (centered). (Positioned In a triangle as we were attaching to the roof frame.) These were cemented into the ground for extra strength.

Bolt the 6 by 2 timer to wall or roof line whatever you are attaching it to.

Mark your top level at 6 foot from your 3 posts. Then screw 1 length 6 by 2 timber at 6 foot mark along the 3 posts.

Using Angle finder and mark the other 6 by 2 timbers for running the 6 by 2s from roofline to posts.

Then cut all 6 by 2 timbers for running over top from roof line

Screw on 6 by 2 timbers (roofline to posts)

You will have left over timbers on your 6 by 2s.
Use these as your dwangs and centres of the top roof of the pergola.

Trim all overhangs from the 6 by 2s

Then if you wish like us we hand built our own trellis.

Many pergolas don’t have trellis I just felt since our neighbour’s driveway was so close to our pergola this would give extra privacy.